Find out about the new Catalan rental reference index

The Generalitat de Catalunya is about to approve the creation of a benchmark of the rent with the objective of giving transparency to the market, to facilitate the stability of the prices and to be able to mobilize the empty stock of existing houses. The model already works successfully in Berlin or Paris. In order to provide you with more information, habitaclia has consulted the UNESCO Chair of Housing of the Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona, a housing research team that has acted as rapporteur on the commission to set the criteria for future lease legislation Urban residential areas (LAU) in Catalonia. Within the team of Dr. Sergio Nasarre,

Current situation

The rental market in Catalonia and Spain is dysfunctional, expensive and of poor quality and requires regulation that provides stability and affordability / profitability to the parties and also offers transparency and security to the market . As you know, rent is no longer the option of access to housing for those people who can not own. Currently, private rental in Catalonia and Spain is inaccessible to the average citizen and even more so for people with limited economic resources. Thus, a person who collects the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (€ 707) must allocate more than 115% of his income to the rent (average rent of € 815), and a family with the usual salary (€ 1,250 / month) Of 65% to the payment of their home, When recommended internationally is not to exceed 30%. This contributes to Spain having one of the lowest rental rates in Europe (15%), with a black market of 46% and 3.5 million empty homes.

Why a rental benchmark

STABILIZING The adoption of a system of tables will stabilize rental market rents , as is done in many European countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden.

KNOWING THE PRICE Its ultimate purpose is to achieve a more affordable rent , but at first it will help that this little by little can adapt to the reality of the market, since both lessor and lessee will know what the market price for the Housing that they intend to rent in a particular city or area.

AVOID EXCESSIVE REVENUES It is intended to avoid that excessive revenues can be imposed for certain characteristics and a specific area , which, in turn, will prevent the average incomes, which make up said tables, uncontrolled. The model proposed is inspired by the one applied in Germany for decades, specifically for 95% of the rent in Berlin.

How it will work

The reference index of the rental prices of housing in Catalonia will mark the price per square meter. For this you must take into account the market price, square meters, the age of the building, the characteristics of the apartment (if it has been renovated, if it has furniture, heating, air conditioning, elevator) and its location.

What is sought is to offer transparency to the market, that all citizens know what the offer is and that within a neighborhood can see what are the variations of prices according to the house and its characteristics.

For this purpose, the current rental prices available through the INCASÒL bail deposits can be used and allow the market rent prices to be respected, applying the corresponding correction coefficients according to the specific characteristics Of each dwelling.

This system of referenced income can be applied in areas with strongest and proven demand, which in principle in Catalonia would be about 115 municipalities.

In addition, each City Council will have to decide whether or not to accept the price tables designed by the Generalitat according to these criteria already mentioned. Therefore, this double requirement must be met: be a municipality with proven demand and the City Council approve.

A good tool to display this data in a complete and simple way for the citizen would be an interactive map that could be consulted by entering the address of the apartment and its specific characteristics , as is done for Paris rentals.

Advantages for owners

– As they will be market reference prices, the owners will have the peace of mind of being able to rent the house to tenants who will have no reason to go to another house of the same neighborhood because all will have a similar price, thus loyalty to the tenant .

– The owners can raise the rent beyond the price tables if they decide to rehabilitate and improve their homes. Taking into account that a large part of empty housing is in poor condition, it is intended to encourage owners to rehabilitate housing , raising the rent above the benchmark if they do so, as long as it benefits the quality of life of the Tenant, allowing them to recover the investment in rehabilitation in nine years.

The rent will never be out of date or out of the market , since they will always be charging the same as the other owners with similar homes in the same area.

The market splits in two

Signs of British nerves are drowned out by a European show of force.

February continued 2017’s bouncy start, with over 550,000 people visiting Kyero. They generated just under 62,000 sales leads for our agents, a 25% annual rise.

Looking back over a year of double digit growth, I’ll admit it was becoming hard to pick out the real strengths and weaknesses in the international market. When every indicator is green, it’s tough to separate trends from threats.

However, I think March 2017 will mark a change of narrative.

European buyers step on the gas

Spain has always put a focus on British buyers, but it’s easy to forget they account for just 1 in 5 foreign sales. Most market statistics break buyers down by country (putting Brits forever in the no.1 spot), but European buyers are a much bigger market.

Overseas buyers start 2017 in buoyant mood

Posted on February 9, 2017 in Analysis by Richard Speigal

January sets the pace for the Spanish real estate calendar, and this one started well.

The New Year is a strange time for a property portal.

The Santa Effect leaves very little for realtors to talk about in December. Then almost on the stroke of midnight of January 1st, we are jolted by a traffic surge as buyers emerge from the festivities to resume their property hunt.

January is the third busiest month of Kyero’s year (the peaks are in July/August when buyers visit Spain) and we treat our performance now with great seriousness. It’s a signal of what’s to come.

Buyer enquiries up 36%

Easter in Sitges – Semana Santa

Easter in Sitges marks the return of the party/holiday season to the Village here in Sitges.

After its brief Siesta since Carnival (normally late Feb early March), Easter sees an influx of international visitors and the bars, clubs and restaurants open up their doors again for the Spring/Summer Season.


    Easter in Sitges 2017 takes place from Thurs April 13th – Mon April 17th




    Lady Diamond’s Easter Hunt Party on Easter Sunday in Parrots Pub is one of the best afternoons out in Sitges! Prizes, songs and a sunny easter terrace!  From 6pm


Sitges Vintage Car Rally 2017

The Barcelona to Sitges Vintage Car Rally takes place annually in March here in Sitges

Cars from the pre-1920’s compete in one of the most glamorous races in Catalunya along the coast road to Sitges.


The Sitges Car Rally – Rally de Sitges is expected to take place in March/April 2017.


The route is from Barcelona to Sitges. The cars are on display in Barcelona the week before.

    • Cars arrive at the port by 1pm
    • The route finishes at La Fragata

Its a great atmosphere

Sitges Fetish Week 2017

Look whats new here in Sitges

Sitges first Fetish week takes place in March 2017. The inaugural event will feature some of the hottest parties from the fetish world with the best DJs! Guest porn and fetish stars have also been invited!

Sitges Fetish Week 2017 takes place from the 23rd to the 25th of March 2017.


Europe’s top Fetish Parties will hold themed nights during the event.

The Organic and Bunker clubs will be redesigned to provide one big cruise zone. And the first Mr Fetish Sitges will take place during the event.
Social activities will also include a gala fetish dinner, fetish cocktail hour and more.

Sitges Carnival – Carnaval 2017

Its nearly thats time of the year again !!

Sitges Carnival is one of the world’s top 10 carnivals and attracts more than 250,000 people to Sitges over 7 days with amazing parades, shows and parties. This is one Winter festival you don’t want to miss


Sitges Carnival 2017 takes place from Tuesday 21st of February – Wed 1st of March.


Carnival has to be Sitges’ wildest party. Even though it is on in February it is still the hottest party in town! On the most popular days you will find thousands of partygoers dancing on the major streets across the town. The busy months of July and August look positively dead! Gay boys and girls from the 4 corners of the world descend on our little town and party the week away!

September News Letter

Here at Sitges Sales and Rentals, we have received an unusually high amount of enquiries for Sitges over the summer months especially during August. There has also been a large increase in enquiries from investors looking for an alternative return on their capital rather than leaving their savings in the bank where interests rates are at an all time low. The next few months look promising as we increase our property portfolio to include some superb new development projects also ideal for investors and second home buyers as well as national buyers.

Sitges Bears week 2016

Its that time agin, Sitges Bears week 2016

Sitges Bears week in September is one of the biggest and most popular Bear festivals in Europe attracting more than 5,000 visitors, bears, admirers, chasers, muscle bears and more. The “Bear Village” may be on the paseo, but the bears are everywhere – Sitges is transformed into a bear heaven for 12+ days.


Sitges Bears Week has grown from a group of bears wanting to have a party to an international event that fills the town of Sitges during the first two weeks of September. There are parties and events held throughout the entire village. There is also a dedicated bears village by the beach with shows, dj’s and more. The Mr Bear Sitges competition is also held on the final weekend of the event. The event attracts guys of all ages and types and many new friendships are made and old ones rekindled.

Summer property Surprise

Posted on August 10, 2016 in Analysis

Kyero recorded a 40% annual rise in international buyer enquiries in July, but the big story may be August.

We’re delighted to announce that buyer enquiries also rose 39.4% year-on-year in the first seven months of 2016, marking a record year for Kyero.

Heavy investment in our platform last year is very clearly bearing fruit, resulting in record visitor numbers and sales leads for our agents. This has happily coincided with a steady market recovery (particularly among foreign buyers) which continues to gather pace, leaving us very optimistic for 2016/17.

Why August made us excited

Last week Kyero also recorded its highest ever number of sales leads in a single week. While this has caused obvious happiness in our offices, further investigation reveals this may be just one of several signals that August 2016 could be a key month.

First up, we delved deeper into our own traffic data.

A study of traffic patterns over the past five years reveals the distinct patterns in early buyer activity, including the increased importance of August.

Now let’s tie this to one of our favourite market predictors: Inbound tourism.

Frontur has reported a big increase in arrivals and expects this summer to be a bumper one for Spanish tourism. If we break out the number of arrivals from major buyer countries, 2016 is on course for a very healthy rise in activity.

This data probably only confirms something we all know: Buying in Spain is an emotive process, often sparked by happy memories of a wonderful holiday. And holidays happen in August.

Catching potential buyers soon after they’ve hit the tarmac seems like a very smart way to build the early relationships that turn into successful sales.

It looks like we’re going to have a very busy month.