The market splits in two

Signs of British nerves are drowned out by a European show of force.

February continued 2017’s bouncy start, with over 550,000 people visiting Kyero. They generated just under 62,000 sales leads for our agents, a 25% annual rise.

Looking back over a year of double digit growth, I’ll admit it was becoming hard to pick out the real strengths and weaknesses in the international market. When every indicator is green, it’s tough to separate trends from threats.

However, I think March 2017 will mark a change of narrative.

European buyers step on the gas

Spain has always put a focus on British buyers, but it’s easy to forget they account for just 1 in 5 foreign sales. Most market statistics break buyers down by country (putting Brits forever in the no.1 spot), but European buyers are a much bigger market.