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  • International sales boom by 13.5%

    Newly released data from the Spanish Ministry of Development (Fomento) has shown a 13.5% year on year increase in international purchases of Spanish property. The strong sales figures are for the January to March…more

  • How European buyers are neutralising the Brexit effect

    With British buyers so important in the international buyer mix, the impact of their decision to leave the EU could have been disastrous. But Kyero’s data experts have seen some positive trends over the…more

  • Catalunya Continues to be still one of the best cities in Europe

    Our Opinion   “Catalunya is / will continue to be one of the most beautiful regions in Europe and Barcelona one, if not of the world’s most attractive cities, both for lifestyle, vacation, and…more

  • Find out about the new Catalan rental reference index

    The Generalitat de Catalunya is about to approve the creation of a benchmark of the rent with the objective of giving transparency to the market, to facilitate the stability of the prices and to…more

  • The market splits in two

    Signs of British nerves are drowned out by a European show of force. February continued 2017’s bouncy start, with over 550,000 people visiting Kyero. They generated just under 62,000 sales leads for our agents,…more

  • Overseas buyers start 2017 in buoyant mood

    Posted on February 9, 2017 in Analysis by Richard Speigal January sets the pace for the Spanish real estate calendar, and this one started well. The New Year is a strange time for a…more

  • Easter in Sitges – Semana Santa

    Easter in Sitges marks the return of the party/holiday season to the Village here in Sitges. After its brief Siesta since Carnival (normally late Feb early March), Easter sees an influx of international visitors…more

  • Sitges Vintage Car Rally 2017

    The Barcelona to Sitges Vintage Car Rally takes place annually in March here in Sitges Cars from the pre-1920’s compete in one of the most glamorous races in Catalunya along the coast road to…more

  • Sitges Fetish Week 2017

    Look whats new here in Sitges Sitges first Fetish week takes place in March 2017. The inaugural event will feature some of the hottest parties from the fetish world with the best DJs! Guest…more

  • Sitges Carnival – Carnaval 2017

    Its nearly thats time of the year again !! Sitges Carnival is one of the world’s top 10 carnivals and attracts more than 250,000 people to Sitges over 7 days with amazing parades, shows…more

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